Rocking horse Emmy

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Rocking horse Emmy in the Helga Kreft design is a particularly beautiful model!

It is made using German craftsmanship from untreated, sturdy beech wood and only treated with linseed oil.

Only the best wood (no pressed material) is used in production. A completely individual wood grain can be seen in the Emmy rocking horse. The mane made from 100% unbleached virgin sheep's wool offers a natural look. The ears are made of chrome-free cowhide. So the rocking horse Emmy is a true child of nature!

The safety bar is removable. This makes the rocking horse Emmy a long-term playmate. It adapts optimally to the size of the offspring.

The rocking horse is delivered to you as a kit that you can put together yourself in just a few simple steps. All you need is an Allen key and a Phillips screwdriver. Finally, cut out the mane - and the ride can begin!

The scope of delivery includes:
• 1 headboard with front foot (incl. 1 cross-threaded bolt)
• 2 runners (incl. 8 countersunk screws ø 100 mm)
• 1 seat board (incl. 1 round head screw ø 100 mm with sleeve nut + 2 countersunk head screws ø 150 mm)
• 2 side panels (incl. 2 round head screws ø 150 mm with sleeve nut)
• 1 rear foot (incl. 1 cross-threaded bolt)
• 2 traverses (incl. 2 round head screws ø 100 mm for cross-threaded bolts)
• 1 step bar, L 20 cm (incl. 1 wood screw ø 80mm)
• 1 support rod, L 26 cm (incl. 1 wood screw ø 80 mm)
• 1 safety bar (incl. 3 wood screws ø 80 mm for attaching to the headboard + 2 round-head screws ø 100 mm for the backrest). The diameter information refers to the screw head!

You still need:
• 1 Allen key
• 1 Phillips screwdriver
• 1 pair of scissors

The leather halter made of chrome-free cowhide is not included. It can be ordered separately as an accessory.

All information about rocking horse Emmy at a glance:
● Material: untreated beech wood, oiled (according to DIN EN71)
● Mane made from 100% unbleached virgin sheep's wool
● Total length 82 cm
● Total width 32 cm
● Total height 52 cm
● Seat height 30 cm
● Total weight approx. 5 kg
● Made in Germany

● Never let your child swing on the horse unsupervised!
● Not suitable for children under 12 months! (Danger of falling)
● For household use only!
● When setting up the horse, please pay attention to stability (danger of tipping over)
● Wood is a natural product. Visible wood grains, knotholes and color variations may be possible.
● Tighten screws from time to time.