Rocking horse Jolly Popcorn in nature

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“Jolly Popcorn” is the name of this sweet wooden rocking horse Haflinger, made with great attention to detail.

He received the German Design Prize for wooden toys and is still considered “The most beautiful rocking horse in the world!”

With a lot of fun and imagination, your child will become familiar with the topic of animals, because with the extensive accessories* "Jolly Popcorn" can be groomed, the mane and tail can be combed or braided and the ears also want to be scratched. And maybe “Jolly Popcorn” would like a little treat afterwards?

Then we can get started: The wooden rocking horse is haltered and saddled and the ride begins. Afterwards, the little Haflinger gets a nice horse blanket so that it is nice and cozy in the nursery pasture at night.

So that even our little riders have fun and don't fall out of the saddle, we have a safety bar in our program.

Attention: Saddle, halter, horse blanket and accessories are not included in the scope of delivery!

Age recommendation: for children from 1 year (if the child can already sit up) up to approx. 7 years

Material and properties:

  • Haflinger made of steamed beech oiled with linseed oil (according to DIN EN 71)
  • Mane made of pure new wool, can be combed out and styled individually
  • Ears made of cowhide, chrome-free
  • Glass eyes
  • Total height: 75 cm
  • Total length: 105cm
  • Seat height: 48 cm

Additional information:

  • Design by Wilfried Kreft
  • real handcraft - made in Germany
  • Awarded the spiel gut seal in 2003
  • You can place a one-year-old child on the rocking horse with a safety bar if the child can already sit up
  • loadable up to 100 kg
  • The runners must be assembled, the assembly key is included in the scope of delivery
  • Allergy information: animal hair/wool processed (natural product)