Push vehicle carousel

Push vehicle carousel

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Sliding toy carousel “Turn You” – The fair is open!

Learning to walk is really fun with this push toy!

With this carousel, every place turns into a fairground. People are spinning and laughing and squealing with joy!

The “Turn You” push toy has six rotor blades, each in its own color.

By holding the long pole, the little ones can get themselves and the carousel running.

Even at a low speed, the little wings take off and spin happily in circles.

The faster the child runs, the faster the carousel spins.

Pushing something in front of you and making it move is a great pleasure for all children. The wheels of the push toy have a rubber ring that allows them to glide silently and smoothly over even the most sensitive floor.

The attached painted ball at the end of the rod protects children from injuries.

With the push toy, children have a fun and loving companion that gives them fun, exercise and entertainment and also trains their motor skills and dexterity.

Material: beech and pine, lacquered (according to DIN EN 71)

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 20 x 10 cm

Handlebar: approx. 63 cm

Weight: approx. 340g

For children from approx. 12 months

Manufacturer: Dudek-Holzdesign

Made in Europe

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