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Push-toy “Elephant” - known from the laugh and non-fiction stories from “The Show with the Mouse”.

We parents had already taken the little blue elephant from “The Show with the Mouse” to our hearts as children. In the duet with the mouse, he is known for his laugh and non-fiction stories, which introduce children to the world in a positive way.

As soon as the little ones can walk, they really enjoy pushing the push animal in front of them and letting the little elephant ears bob up and down. And the faster you run, the faster your ears flap, so you feel like you're going to take off at any moment.

It is suitable for indoors and outdoors. The elephant playfully promotes dexterity, balance and trains cognitive skills.

With the push-toy elephant, children have a fun and lovingly handcrafted companion that gives them fun, exercise and entertainment. It playfully promotes dexterity, balance and trains cognitive skills.

A wooden ball is attached to the end of the stick to protect the child.

Material: lacquered beech and pine (according to DIN EN 71)

Dimensions: approx. 18 cm x 16 cm x 10 cm

Handlebar: approx. 63 cm

Weight: approx. 390 g

It is manufactured in Europe.