Wobbel Original - Natural with felt in Baby Mouse

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Wobbel Original - the wooden toy - an absolute gem - offers endless play possibilities.

The high-quality and stylish Wobbel Original: Children will have lots of fun with this balance board for many years to come. As a movement toy, the Wobbel Board promotes motor skills, trains balance and satisfies the natural urge to move.

It encourages more play and movement and inspires the imagination and creativity of children, for whom it is also a relaxing swing, a comfortable deck chair, a place to relax or at another time, a racetrack, a carousel, a stage and much more. is much more.

The robust wobble board can be turned around and placed on the edge to offer many additional fun playing options.

This board is the toy with no age restrictions, it is ideal for young and old.

It is made from beech wood and finished with water-based varnishes. The weight is approx. 4.5 kg and a size of approx. 90 x 30 cm.

The Wobbel Board is best played with bare feet or sturdy shoes. So that you can enjoy the Wobbel Board for a long time, it is recommended to use it on a mat or carpet.

The underside of this wobble board has a felt covering that offers protection for sensitive floors.

Product features at a glance:

Material: beech wood
Size: 90x30cm
Weight: approx. 4.5 kg
Carrying weight: up to 200 kg
Processing: Transparent lacquered with water-based varnishes
The bottom of the board is covered with felt

ATTENTION: Do not let children play without supervision