Lou the owl in blue - lamp and night light

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LOU - this is a stylish and practical children's room light and at the same time a gentle night light.

What's special about it: the ring and the owl glow with different intensity.

The ring has a brighter light that is enough to, for example, put on your pajamas or read a book.

The owl, on the other hand, provides just enough light to drive away the darkness and is therefore the ideal night light.

The light intensity of both elements can be dimmed. Both lights have an automatic switch-off function: the child falls asleep with the light on, but during sleep the room is dark or only gently lit by the glow of the owl.

As a room light (the RING lights up):
• Adjustable brightness
• Switch-off function (after 30 minutes)

As an orientation light (the OWL lights up):
• Adjustable brightness
• Switch-off function (after 60 minutes)

Sound activation:
• If you cry for 5 seconds, the owl will turn on for 5 minutes

• USB mini adapter (included)
• Batteries (3 x AA, not included)

The video "How to use" presents the settings in detail: