Gymotion play and crawling blanket with integrated blanket for sleeping

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The Gymotion play and sleeping blanket is suitable for babies from birth.

Thanks to the integrated blanket, the extra softly padded play blanket easily becomes a place to sleep if the baby falls asleep while playing.

The blanket can be rolled up for play and unrolled after the baby has fallen asleep. The blanket easily changes its function from a play blanket to a sleeping blanket.

When the baby is awake, the blanket offers him many different development-promoting activities thanks to the wide range of accessories.

A battery-operated rattle in the shape of a funny frog plays music when you move it.

The friendly and cuddly bear pillow is particularly suitable as great support when lying on your stomach.

The large ladybird mirror can be hung on the play arch or placed on the play mat so that the baby can discover itself in it.

The crackling adventure map can be easily attached to the bow.

The easy-to-grip fox rattle with different materials and colorful rings offers numerous play options and also provides relief during teething.

With the 4 holders, the toys can be adjusted to the baby's reach.

The play mat is easily foldable for convenient storage and transport.

The play mat is machine washable.