Halter for garden horses in black

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Once one of Helga Kreft's great garden horses (Susi, Tamme or Lotte) is in the garden, children want to put a halter on it. This makes the garden horses a real riding horse.

The high-quality, original halters consist of a sturdy webbing with chrome fittings. Thanks to the attached buckles, it can be adjusted in size in the neck, nose and gooseneck areas and can be adjusted to fit the head.

Using a snap hook, you can easily loosen the halter or attach it to the horse's head. A throatlatch below the horse's mouth is used to connect the halter to a tether rope or lead line.

The halter is available in several colors, classic black or navy blue. The halter in a delicate pink tone is ideal for princesses and elves, allowing the horse to float over the meadows like a pegasus.

You could say that a halter gives the horse its face!

For further horse fun, a color-matching lead rope, a horse manure set or a curry comb made especially for small children's hands are available.

High-quality saddle sets are also available for even more riding pleasure.

Not a toy, real riding equipment. Use only under supervision, risk of strangulation.