Wooden horse Flocky

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Beautiful wooden horse - to design yourself!

Flocky, the small, pretty Haflinger mare is suitable for indoors and outdoors!

The special thing about Flocky is: By drilling holes, the children can tie on the mane and tail themselves and style their horse according to their own ideas!

She is still very young and a bit impetuous. She looks forward to adventure, galloping wildly across meadows and wants to jump over obstacles. But she also loves to be petted and groomed and is a good listener. Her back height is 60 cm, so even 3-year-olds can have a lot of fun riding her.

Its body is made of untreated spruce wood and feels silky and smooth. The well-shaped, very beautiful head is firmly attached to the body.

Sheep wool is included for initial equipment. Later, the children can equip their horse with wool of any length and color as they wish. This represents a very high play value!

The delicate horse fits into almost every child's room, but can also be placed in the garden. Riding the wooden horse “Flocky” is not only great fun, but also has many advantages. It promotes love and appreciation for animals, improves balance and coordination, and encourages creativity in role play.

The child slips into the role of the rider and experiences the thrill of being on the back of a horse. Here the child is offered a unique opportunity for imaginative play where they can create their own stories and adventures.

Additionally, this activity helps children develop their social skills as they learn to communicate and cooperate with each other.

Flocky doesn't just want to gallop across the meadows, she also wants to be looked after. This includes grooming and hairdressing, feeding and even cropping.

With Flocky, children will have a loyal companion for years who promises lots of fun.

Material and properties:

Spruce wood, untreated

New sheep's wool - wool included for self-knotting and hairdressing

For riding for children aged 3 to 6 years.

For children aged 3 to 11 to play with.

Length: approx. 87 cm

Width: approx. 52 cm

Height: back height approx. 60 cm / including head: approx. 92 cm