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The all-rounder for 40-80 kg.

The New Hoku Flex 2 with Precision One Truck.

It took almost two years from development to production.

The goal was to create a perfect longboard axle for cruisers, carvers and freeriders. Thanks to the turned hangers, the turned pivot and the turned kingpin, it is more precise and easier to steer than conventional cast axles.

This CNC post-processing is what makes the Precision One so special.

You can tell the difference - 100% Enjoy Your Ride!

The Hoku (Hawaiian star) is suitable for almost all areas of use, weight classes and ages thanks to its 3 different flex levels and shape.

Flex 2 is designed for riders from 40 to 80 kg. This makes it the ideal longboard for heavy riders and, regardless of weight, for anyone who prefers a hard deck. Absolutely useful for freeriding, slides and light downhill.

Lots of tricks are possible thanks to pronounced nose and tail kicks. The drop-through axle installation allows comfortable cruising in the city and at the same time has better, lower roadholding at higher speeds.

The fiberglass-bamboo construction makes the deck extremely light and very stable at the same time.

In summary, the Hoku is a perfect all-rounder that makes cruising, carving, light downhill and urban freeriding really fun.

In addition, the series is equipped with extra fast wheels and high speed ball bearings for the NEVER ENDING RIDE.

* All JUCKER HAWAII longboards are delivered fully assembled. Just put it on and drive off!

Enjoy Your Ride!


  • Length: 990mm / 39 inches
  • Width: 222 mm / 8.75 inches
  • Material: Fiberglass construction with bamboo and Canadian maple
  • Flex 1 from 70 kg to 110 kg (also good for riders of all weight classes who prefer a hard deck. Absolutely useful for freeriding and light downhill)
  • Flex 2 from 40 kg to 80 kg
  • Flex 3 from 30 kg to 60 kg
  • Axis distance: 690 mm
  • Axle assembly: drop through, old school
  • Griptape: Black (standard grit)

JUCKER HAWAII Precision One Trucks

  • Hanger width (inner): 180 mm / 7 inches
  • Axle pin width (outside): 250 mm / 9.7 inches
  • Height (to center of axle pin): 63 mm / 2.48 inches
  • Baseplate angle: 50°
  • Material: aluminum
  • Casting: Gravity
  • CNC Finish: Machined hanger ends, machined pivot
  • Defeated Kingpin
  • Baseplate bore: Newschool (41.28mm x 53.98mm) & Oldschool (41.28mm x 63.5mm)
  • Color: Black Matt
  • Weight: 445g / axle
  • Bushings: Black 90A


  • Color: black with wheel print on the outside
  • Diameter: 69mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Tread: 52mm
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Ball bearings: JUCKER HAWAII ABEC 9