Katie the cat - cuddly toy, night light and music box

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All children love this sweet cat with its funny long arms.

Katie is a true all-rounder. She is cuddly soft and serves as a cuddly friend. In addition, her belly lights up thanks to a module it contains and therefore serves as a night light. And that's not all, it also plays music and serves as a music box.

You can attach them easily and anywhere. One of the animal's paws has a hole in the middle so that you can easily stick the other paw through it and hang the animal up wonderfully.

In the belly of the cuddly friend is the module that lights up gently and, if desired, also plays lullabies. Lounge music or nature sounds plays. This is how the kids calm down during dark nights.

The volume of the music can be regulated. The night light and music automatically turn off after 20 minutes.

The module is powered by batteries (3 AAA batteries / not included).

The sweet all-rounder is suitable from birth.

The video “How to use” introduces the module in detail:

All information is also in the operating instructions .