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This ingenious child seat is foldable and weighs only 6 kg. It makes traveling with children child's play because it is ideal for taxi rides, rental car rides, car sharing and of course for everyday use.

The seat is recommended for children between 1 meter and 1.50 meters tall.

It is height adjustable in 8 positions and grows with the child. The headrest pillow reducer can also be removed to create more space when the child grows up.

The forward-facing child seat with its breathable mesh material on the backrest ensures that the child sweats less in hot weather. The seat padding equipped with soft memory foam provides additional comfort.

A seat tilt angle of 10 degrees contributes to a comfortable seating position and a pleasant ride.


When erected: 54 x 44 x 61 cm (lowest position) to 59 x 53 x 78.5 cm (maximum extended position)

Folded: 48 x 48 x 24.8 cm

It is tested according to ECE regulation R129/03 (i-Size) and features the latest side impact protection technology.

With a weight of only 6 kg and the included backpack, the child seat can easily be taken anywhere.


A foldable child seat for children with a height of 1 - 1.5 m (around 3 to 12 years and around 15-36 kg).

When not in use or when traveling, this portable car seat can be easily folded down to a compact size, making it easy to carry in a backpack and leaving your child's hands free.


The side impact protection system consists of energy-absorbing material in the side bolsters and deeper headrests. The additional side impact protection further reduces the forces that act on the child's head and neck area in the event of a side impact.


The ISOFIX connectors of this portable child seat allow for quick and easy installation in any modern vehicle with ISOFIX connectors. Simply click the connectors into the vehicle's anchoring points, strap your child in and off you go.


The 8 adjustable height positions, the reclining options and the seat padding with memory foam make the child seat variable and comfortable.


The breathable mesh material of the backrest reduces sweating in hot weather and provides additional comfort for the child.


The child seat is a real lightweight with a weight of approx. 6 kg.


The seat cushion is equipped with soft memory foam and is therefore very comfortable.


The child seat comes with a backpack so you can easily take it anywhere.



This child seat was designed, tested and certified according to the requirements of the European standard for child safety devices (ECE R 129 / 03). The approval seal E (in a circle) and the approval number are on the approval label (sticker on the child seat). This approval expires if changes are made to the child seat. Only the manufacturer is allowed to make changes to the child seat. Details of the approval can be found on the orange label with the unique approval number, the type of approval, the mass group for which the seat is approved and the manufacturer's details. – The product has been approved according to the strictest European safety standards (R 129 / 03) height 100-150 cm, ISOFIX fastening + vehicle 3-point belt. – Correct installation of the ISOFIX attachment is crucial for the safety of the child. – Please keep the instructions for use in a safe place for later use of the seat. – Never leave the child unattended in the car. – Do not use a child seat in the front seat if the vehicle seat is equipped with an active front airbag, as this can be dangerous. This does not apply to side airbags. Please read the instructions for use carefully before use. The product is a safety product and is only safe when used in accordance with the instructions for use. – This product should be used in the back seat of the vehicle. – After an accident, the seat can no longer be used safely due to damage that is not immediately apparent. It should therefore be replaced. – It is recommended not to use car seats for more than 5 years from the date of manufacture. The properties of the product may deteriorate as the plastic ages and may not be visible. – This child car seat must not be used without a cover. Please use an original cover as the cover contributes to the safety of the seat. – The seat must be secured with a seat belt or the ISOFIX attachment, even when not in use. An unsecured seat can lead to injuries to other vehicle occupants in the event of an emergency stop. – In hot weather, the plastic and metal parts of the product may become hot. You should cover the seat when the vehicle is parked in the sun. The straps securing the restraint to the vehicle should be tight and the straps securing the child should be adjusted to suit the child's height. The straps should not be twisted. – Make sure that a lap belt is worn low down so that the pelvis is firmly enclosed. – This product must no longer be used if it has been exposed to severe stress in an accident.