Cocoonacover in gray in TOG 2.5 - blanket especially suitable for the Cocoonababy

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The Cocoonacover is a matching blanket designed specifically for the Cocoonababy.

It is ideal for covering the baby without waking him up. Its special shape and attachment to the Cocoonababy keep the baby's mouth and nose free. The blanket is easily opened using the button and Velcro fastener.

This model is a quilted blanket with TOG 2.5.
It is particularly suitable for the colder season.

It is machine washable at 30°. Its size is approximately 52.5 x 44 x 1.2 cm. It fits from birth to around 3 months of age.

The blanket may only be used with a Cocoonababy (including abdominal belt and knee roll).

Only the Cocoonacover (blanket) is included in delivery, not the Cocoonababy.

Material outside: 93% cotton / 7% polyester

Filling material: 100% polyester - 60gr/m2

Material inside: 100% cotton

Like many other manufacturers, Red Castle uses the TOG system. TOG is a unit of measurement that provides information about the thermal resistance of textiles. The higher the TOG value, the warmer the textile item is.

The TOG system has been used by Red Castle for many years. The TOG values ​​range from TOG 0.5 to TOG 3. The breathability of the textiles is not influenced by the level of the TOG value. Textiles with a low TOG value of e.g. B. 0.5 are thin and suitable for hot temperatures above 24°C. High TOG values ​​of e.g. B. 2.5 are mostly padded, lined textiles that are ideal for cool temperatures.