Lead rope for garden horses in pink

Lead rope for garden horses in pink

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With this lead rope, little riders can easily keep their garden horse Susi, Tamme or kindergarten horse Lotte under control.

The lead rope is attached to the throat strap of the halter using a snap hook.

This means you can keep it on a leash if it wants to graze or stand on the stable wall to clean itself.

If the horse is to be ridden, you can put the rope around the horse's neck and fasten it with a knot on the other side.

The lead rope is a pre-braided polypropylene rope. The length is 2.20 m and measures 12 mm in diameter.

The lead rope is available in black, blue and pink to match the color of the halter.

Not a toy, real riding equipment. Use only under supervision, risk of strangulation.