Model Deer - Laundry Basket 3 Sprouts

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Practical laundry basket in many beautiful designs.

Can you barely see the children's room because of all the laundry?

Then the 3 Sprouts laundry baskets are the perfect solution.

If you fold down the two carrying handles, there is a round opening for throwing in the laundry, which stylishly disappears from view.

When the laundry basket is full, it can be easily carried away.

If it is not needed, it can be folded up to save space.

Completely wipeable.

Dimensions: approx. 59 cm high x 48 cm wide x 33 cm deep

Material: 100% polyester, 100% foamed polypropylene (inside)

The details and colors may vary.

Cleaning: Only superficial spot removal of stains.