Sam the sheep in pink - sleep trainer, clock, alarm clock and night light

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Sleep trainer SAM helps children have a restful night. Small children don't have a sense of time like adults do. Their day begins when they open their eyes in the morning and ends when they are put to bed at night!

SAM easily helps children understand when it's time to sleep and when it's OK to get up. SAM closes his eyes alone in the evening and opens them again in the morning at the set time. A great property!

The display lights up in the colors red, orange and green. Red light at night, orange light early in the morning and green light when it's ok to get up. These are very intuitive colors as they correspond to the light signals of a traffic light. Red light as a night light is ideal because international studies show that red light is the best color for a night light as it has the least impact on sleep. And that's not really surprising, because these are the same colors as in a sunset that nature uses to tell us that it's time to prepare for bedtime. Experts also believe that red light calms babies because it is the only light they know from the womb.

Product features

2 alarm settings

At a certain time, for example at 7 a.m.

After a certain period of time in minutes, for example after 120 minutes (nap).

Alarm tone

SAM has an alarm tone that can be set (or turned off). The set time may differ from the wake-up time. For example, the alarm tone can be set for half an hour after SAM opens his eyes.

Night light

SAM's night light, the illuminated display, can light up throughout the night, but can also be programmed (5-15-30 minutes).


SAM works with batteries (4 x AA, not included) or with USB cable (included).


Dimensions SAM: 20 x 12 x 14 cm

LCD display diameter: 7 cm

Very easy to set up

SAM has an intuitive interface. SAM automatically guides you through all the necessary steps to set it up.

Age recommendation

From 3 years old, depending on the child's level of development.