Rent - COCOONaBABY for 4 months

Rent - COCOONaBABY for 4 months

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Rent a COCOONaBABY (including cover, waist belt and knee roll) for two, three or four months. Please also put the DEPOSIT in the shopping cart. This will be refunded to you upon return. The customer bears the costs for the return.

Cocoonababy is suitable for babies from birth weighing 2.8 kg. It should be used until the baby can grasp its feet or until it tries to turn around in the cocoon. This happens at around four months of age.

Cocoonababy – so the baby sleeps safely and securely

The birth of a child brings a lot of new things not only for the young parents - the newborn also has to get used to the changed circumstances. Everything is new here, everything is different than in mom's tummy. There is plenty of space, arms and legs can be stretched out wide, and there are no boundaries anywhere that promise orientation, security and protection. Many babies find it difficult to cope with this change. They find it difficult to rest, startle easily and start to cry. Cocoonababy ® , the ergonomically shaped cocoon from the French company Red Castle, provides a solution here. It brings the baby back to the closeness and security it had in its mother's womb. The calming effect of Cocoonababy ® allows the little one to sleep deeper, longer and better. This improvement in sleep quality ultimately has a positive effect on the child's overall development.

Good sleep – essential for healthy development

Cocoonababy ® helps ensure that the baby always feels safe and secure and that nothing disturbs its well-being, so that it can get used to life gently and at its own pace. The cozy cocoon limits the lying surface and provides support and support. The child lies with his shoulders and spine slightly rounded and can touch his face and mouth with his hands - a position that is familiar to him from the womb. If the infant can assume this position, many disruptive factors that cause problems for him in the first months of life are eliminated:

  • The so-called Moro reflex occurs less frequently, which occurs when uncontrolled arm and leg movements cause babies to wake up and start crying. 
  • The slightly inclined position helps prevent stomach belching and reflux.
  • Since the baby can move its head freely, the risk of position-related deformation of the skull (flat head syndrome) is significantly reduced.
  • The semi-fetal position has a positive effect on the child's motor skills; It can discover its hands, so that the coordination of hands and eyes is promoted.
  • Lying in the Cocoonababy ® , the child not only looks at the ceiling or to one side, but can turn his head and make eye contact at any time. This improves the relationship between the baby and its environment.

Cocoonababy ® creates the optimal conditions for a good and peaceful sleep anytime and anywhere - both at home and as a travel cot on the go, e.g. B. when visiting grandma and grandpa. It can be used until the child can grasp its feet or until it tries to turn around in the cocoon (up to around four months of age).

Cocoonababy ® was developed in collaboration with doctors at a neonatal unit in France. The scope of delivery includes a leg support that makes it easier for the baby to lie in the optimal position. It is movable and can be positioned or removed as desired so that the comfortable nest is always perfectly adapted to the size of the baby. Cooconababy ® comes with two washable covers: a waterproof protective cover and a matching fitted sheet. Delivered with cover, waist belt, knee roll.

Dimensions: 69 x 40 x 19 cm, 1 kg