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Always there: the funny pull-along duck from Yookidoo

Children love ducks: their quacking and waddling are simply fun for them. That's why the new pull-along duck from Yookidoo can quickly become a favorite toy. As soon as she is pulled on her string, she starts whistling and singing all by herself. But that's not all, because when she's not being played with, she whistles to encourage the children to get busy with her. The sounds can also be muted.

The cylinder on the duck's back begins to rotate when it is in motion. When removed, it is a wonderful toy that little ones can have fun with while practicing their fine motor skills.

The battery-operated pull-along duck is suitable for children aged 12 months and over. True to Yookidoo's motto that playing always means learning, working with the duck promotes the development of balance and coordination.

Age: from 12 months.

Batteries: 3 x AA (not included).

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