Otto the Otter - Sea Projector

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Sea projector Otto the Otter enchants the children's room into a magical underwater world with waves and fish that swim around the room while you listen to soothing sounds.

There are 3 melodies to choose from; The sound of the sea, heartbeat sounds or lullabies.

Otto's lifelike underwater world projections, together with relaxing sounds, let the baby fall asleep gently.

The 3-stage sleep program gently reduces its animations in 3 stages.

Level 1 is used to calm the baby. Orange fish are projected onto the ceiling, swimming around in the waves and music is played. The baby can carefully follow the fish's movements and listen to the music to calm down.

In stage 2, the baby should become sleepy. The brightness is reduced, the wave movement becomes less and there are only a few fish swimming around. The music changes to bubbling noises.

In the final stage 3 it is time for the baby to sleep. There are no waves and no fish swimming around. The music also stops playing.

The projector will automatically turn off after approximately 30 minutes. Whenever the baby wakes up, Cody automatically reactivates. This means that children can fall asleep relaxed again and parents can also enjoy their well-deserved rest.

With Otto, parents have the sleep assistant they have always wanted.

When it comes to volume, you can choose between 2 volume levels. If necessary, Otto can be hand washed after removing the projector.

For operation you need 3 x AA batteries, which are not included.

The video "How to use" presents the settings in detail: