Gymotion ROBO PLAYLAND play mat

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The Gymotion ROBO PLAYLAND play and adventure blanket presents itself in the current techno look with robot dolls and clear colors with a clear signaling effect.

Gymotion ROBO PLAYLAND is equipped with a motorized track on which a small car moves back and forth. The rail can be attached to the floor or to the top of the arch. The car drives off at the push of a button. When it starts moving, you can choose between a calm or a lively melody. The music switches off automatically after 10 minutes, but there is also the option to mute it. The two figures supplied can ride along as “passengers” or can be hung under the car while driving over the arch. The accessories also include a large mirror; it can also be attached to the arch. A large cushion in the shape of a dog ensures comfortable playing in the prone position.

Gymotion ROBO PLAYLAND is the ideal playground for babies of different development stages. The entire design and the extensive accessories encourage you to look, touch and try things out. The skills of the little ones are promoted in a playful way:

- Playing on your back promotes eye motor skills, focusing on objects and hand and eye coordination.

- Playing on your stomach trains you to lift your head and strengthens the muscles of your shoulders and upper body.

- Playing while sitting encourages exploration of objects, stimulates curiosity and teaches children the connection between cause and effect.

The ceiling is 100 x 85 m, the arch is 47 cm high. The blanket can be easily folded up for transport or storage, and of course it can also be put in the washing machine after the arch has been removed.

The play mat is suitable for children from birth.