Hobbyhorse Haflinger

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High-quality hobbyhorse approx. 90 cm long.

With this handmade Haflinger hobbyhorse made of steamed and oiled beech, your child can play wonderfully indoors and outdoors. It is a popular wooden toy that accompanies children for a long time.

The pretty mane is made of pure sheep's wool and can be extensively brushed and styled.

In addition to being fun, the hobby horse playfully promotes your child's dexterity, balance and strength. In addition, cognitive skills are trained. It was awarded the spiel gut seal (spiel gut eV) in 2007.

The hobbyhorse is lovingly handcrafted in Germany.

All hobbyhorses are equipped with two handles on the horse's head for a stable hold and with two rollers on the ends of the rods. The ears are made of chrome-free cowhide and the eyes are made of glass.

There are other products that can be ordered in addition to this hobbyhorse, such as: B. a curry comb that is especially suitable for small children's hands.