TIM the turtle - sunset projector

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Off to Africa - to the land of dreams with the turtle Tim.

Tim conjures up a beautiful sunset in every child's room.

The cute projector conjures up a beautiful sunset on the ceiling, against which red and blue birds fly.

African natural sounds, the mother's heartbeat or lullabies can be heard. Depending on what your baby likes best, you can choose this melody.

Tim's special sleep program, in which the animations are carefully reduced, is designed to help your baby fall asleep within half an hour.

In the first stage, i.e. the first 10 minutes, your baby should calm down. The sun shines in the sky and red and blue birds fly around while music plays. Your baby can carefully follow the birds' movements and listen to the music and slowly calm down.

In stage 2, the next 10 minutes, your baby should become sleepy. The brightness is reduced as the sun disappears and the blue birds no longer fly. There are only a few red birds flying in the sky.

In the last stage, after about 20 minutes, it is finally time for your baby to sleep. The birds stop flying and the music also stops playing. Only very soft light shines.

The projector will automatically turn off after approximately 30 minutes. Whenever your baby wakes up and cries, Tim will automatically reactivate with the sound sensor turned on.

This means that children can fall asleep relaxed again and parents can also enjoy their well-deserved rest.

With Tim there is now a great sleep assistant that we have always wanted.

Size: approx. 20 x 12 x 28 cm (W x H x Length)

Weight: approx. 410 g.