Water feature shower

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Rubber ducks are a thing of the past - today's babies take the automatic “shower” water feature from Yookidoo into the bathtub. It offers so many opportunities to play that the little ones will never want to get out of the tub.

The principle is very simple. Briefly press the funny face (the children can do this all by themselves!) and the water is drawn up inside and runs out through the spout in an endless stream. Three interchangeable inserts with different water spray functions ensure the greatest effects:

1. Water splashes like in the shower

2. The flow of water turns a propeller

3. A smaller bet goes up like in the game of peek-a-boo

The inserts can either be used individually or inserted into one another. The water then flows through all three spray inserts. The inserts are held by a pivoting arm that can be placed directly under the water jet or on the side. The shower head can also be swiveled.

The “Shower” water feature is suitable for children aged around 9 months.