Water feature fountain

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With the “Fountain” water feature from Yookidoo, the bathtub becomes a wet and happy playground for children aged around 12 months.

Simply attach the base of the fountain to the floor of the bathtub, press the orange button and the water will bubble up all by itself.

The colorful boats and cheerful figures can be stacked and combined as you wish - there is no right or wrong way to do it.

The water flows through each individual element and sprays, splashes or gurgles from the tip in a magical cascade.

The top figure can be changed so that new, fascinating effects can be achieved again and again.

Because that's the special highlight: Each figure produces its own, very special fountain.

The red boat spins while spraying water, the blue boat has a pivoting propeller, the octopus figure sprays in all directions and the lifeguard sprays water out of his mouth and thin "hair fountains" at the same time.

All boats and figures can also float separately in the water, creating a fun bathtub fleet. 3xAA batteries (not included).

With the fountain water feature from Yookidoo, you won't get bored in the bathtub. A great toy for the bathtub. This makes bathing fun for the kids.