Elephant water feature fountain

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Colorful fountain with elephant drawing water from the bathtub to create a fun, endless water show.

As soon as you put the elephant's tail up, the varied performance of the water elephant begins - welcome to the fascinating circus world.

The fountain draws water from the bathtub up to the elephant's trunk. This creates a fun, endless water show that protects the environment because no water is wasted.

A great performance can be given with the 4 interchangeable accessories. The water is sprayed through the elephant's trunk like a shower head. The umbrella rotates and sprays water. The trumpet has three jets of water and as soon as you place the ball on it, it rotates.

There are no limits to children's imagination. Holding the elephant's trunk also creates a surprising splashing effect and promotes learning and intuitive play.

The scope of delivery includes a practical storage net that can be attached to the edge of the bathtub. The fountain and accessories can be stored in it to dry to save space when the performance is over.

For children aged 18 to 36 months.