ZOE the penguin in pink – music box with night light

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A deep and peaceful sleep is just as important for a baby's healthy development as regular rest breaks in which it can recover from the many new impressions that attack it.

But the little ones often find it difficult or impossible to rest, they have difficulty falling asleep or are often startled.

Zoë the penguin can help.

The pretty and attractively designed figure is a portable music box and at the same time a practical night light.

To calm your child, there are various sounds to choose from: a heartbeat simulation, gentle rustling, natural tones, lounge music and three traditional lullabies.

The light with two brightness levels and the preset melodies switch off automatically after approx. 20 minutes.

In addition, your personal favorite music can be played for as long as desired.

If desired, music and lights turn on automatically as soon as the baby starts to cry.

Zoë is charged by USB cable (included).

The penguin is available in three different colors and is suitable for children from birth.